Oct. 12th, 2010 01:37 pm
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I thought I was gonna be able to get through this rewatch of the Luke/Reid storyline without too many complaints, but I cannot. Settle in for an EPIC BITCH SESSION.

1. Noah's Rambo-esque gauze headband immediately post-surgery. BRAIN SURGERY, PEOPLE, and he still had HAIR. Lots of it.

2. Kim and Bob celebrating their 25th anniversary: am I not supposed to NOTICE that their son - who was born DURING and not BEFORE their marriage - has enough medical experience to be considered for CHIEF OF STAFF of the whole freaking hospital? Plus however long he spent in Africa. OH HAI THERE CHRIS HOW OLD ARE U NAO LIKE NINETEEN? WHATEVER.

3. Speaking of Chris, his COMPLETE AND TOTAL ASSHATTERY about his freaking heart condition. I have tried, but I'm sorry, I cannot bear to watch any of the Reid-helps-Chris clips because a) Chris is SO FREAKING STUPID and b) I know what it all leads up to, yes I am looking at you, Mr. Choo Choo Train.

4. Katie/Chris. Just. AAARRRGGGH. Not that I wanted her to mourn for Brad forever, but sweet holy biscuits, does anyone remember how LONG it took for Brad to convince her to give him a chance?? Chris, though, Chris just *whoosh* slips in under the radar and oh shit, look at that, I'm in love again? WHAT THE HELL.

5. There are FAR too many instances of this show chickening out of showing the normal progression of a romantic relationship simply because it's between two men, but the one that makes me want to GRR SMASH! the most is the scene in that hotel room after the Molly/Holden non-wedding. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? I repeat:


I gave most of the "I want to wait to Do It" storyline a pass when TPTB put Luke and Noah through it, because I do in fact know several people who waited until they were in Serious Relationships (and in their early 20's) before having sex for the first time. So okay, like I said - the storyline caught a lot of flak for being 'unrealistic,' but I was willing to give them - to give Luke, really - the benefit of the doubt on that one.

HOWEVER. In my experience (and I'm not necessarily talking about my *personal* experience here, though it is one of the factors), once a person (read as: LUKE) is no longer a virgin? The time s/he waits before heading to the bedroom in subsequent relationships is A WHOLE LOT LESS. In other words, I found it both UNREALISTIC and OUT OF CHARACTER for Luke to NOT jump all over that opportunity (and, by extension, Reid.)

6. I want to smack the EVER LOVING SHIT out of Lily. It actually makes me GRATEFUL that they fired Martha Byrne, because it would have been PAINFULLY PAINFUL to watch original!Lily simping around acting like that.

That's all I can think of right now - I'm sure some of my bitterness has been left out, so I reserve the right to come back and add to this list!
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