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2011-12-07 06:50 pm
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Breakfast: peaches and cream oatmeal
Lunch: half a steak sandwich; five cookies
Dinner: chicken/pasta salad; two cookies

Note to self: see how carb and sugar heavy your eating was today? THAT is the reason you're now feeling sluggish, mopey, and just generally not-good.

STOP DOING THIS TO YOURSELF. You're much happier, content, active and fulfilled when you stay away from the sweets.

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2011-11-24 04:31 am
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(no subject)

4:23am. M is in my room, laying on my chair, attempting to get some rest. I can hear him tossing & turning. Says his belly doesn't feel right, but he's not sure what's wrong.

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 18. Sincerely hope this is not the start of one of those "remember the year that M was so sick on Thanksgiving?" stories.

Kinda want to take a Xanax. Concerned it might affect ke too much in the morning.

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2011-07-24 02:24 pm


Can you write a happy story based on (inspired by, prompted by, whatever) a sad song?
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2011-07-17 02:10 am
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Writer's Block: Breaking the bad

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Staying up until 2 in the morning reading fic and answering questions on LJ. Heh.
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2011-06-16 08:42 pm


Slept in, mom-taxi to band practice, pool, ice cream, weeding, poor choices for dinner/dessert, epic bellyache, sad face.

Tomorrow: vet, more mom-taxi-driving, possibly the drive-in moooooovies.
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2011-06-07 09:58 am

so. damn. crabby.

Dear Fanfic Writers of the Intertubes:

TAUT: /tôt/Adjective
1. Stretched or pulled tight; not slack: "the fabric stays taut without adhesive".
2. (esp. of muscles or nerves) Tense; not relaxed.

TAUNT: /tônt/
Verb: Provoke or challenge (someone) with insulting remarks: "students began taunting her about her weight".
Noun: A remark made in order to anger, wound, or provoke someone.

Please notice that, though they differ by only one letter, these are two distinctly different words.

Thank you for your kind attention to this important matter.


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2011-04-26 07:22 pm
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Glee 2.whatever

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2011-04-20 03:32 pm

as the world wars


You know who would make the BEST best friends? DR. REID OLIVER and HAN SOLO, that's who.

The quippiness would reach epic levels.

Crazy shit like this is why nobody talks to me anymore, isn't it.
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2011-04-19 06:03 pm

now with bonus violent femmes reference


2. Though I'll be delayed several hours in watching it, as M. has a band concert tonight.

3. Which might be a good thing, because when I watch it on the DVR I can totally skip through the commercials.

4. The weather here (WI) is so unbelievably bad I can hardly cope. Srsly.

5. DL'd the three newest Warbler songs this morning. Is it just me, or does is sound like a thing about a song )

6. It's possible I bought a ticket - one, singular - for Glee!Live! in Chicago. A lame loner I am, lonely and lame.

7. Of course, now I'm possessed by the terrible fear that I've double-booked myself, I'm in a non-refundable ticket situation, and I have no idea what the other June 4th thing I may-or-may-not-be-doing might be.

8. Eight. I forget what eight is for.

9. Basement remodeling continues. So noisy, you guys. So noisy.

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2011-04-16 02:16 pm

using my sole british icon

Though my interest in the British monarchy is that of the Tudor era, I still found this hysterical.

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2011-03-21 11:03 pm


OMG I think I won.

ETA: Boo. I didn't.
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2010-10-12 01:37 pm
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I thought I was gonna be able to get through this rewatch of the Luke/Reid storyline without too many complaints, but I cannot. Settle in for an EPIC BITCH SESSION.

all the things both large and small that make me crazy while I attempt to watch this damn show, in no particular order )

That's all I can think of right now - I'm sure some of my bitterness has been left out, so I reserve the right to come back and add to this list!
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2010-10-08 08:42 am
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jump on in, the crack is fine!

Why yes, this idea did, in fact, come to me in the form of a synopsis from a tawdry novel or a Lifetime movie of the week. Deal with it.

Lex Luthor will never die.

He has worked for years to attain this goal. Secreted away in the fields of Kansas is the solution to his own personal immortality. Level 33.1 is a lab dedicated to human cloning. The world's finest scientific minds have worked tirelessly to create multiple Lex Luthors.

There is one problem. Though the clones are physically identical to Lex, after a time, each and every one of them deteriorates mentally and becomes unstable.

Brilliant as he is, the scope of this problem is beyond Lex's ability. There is only one person gifted enough to solve his problem – neurosurgeon Dr. Reid Oliver.

But Dr. Oliver refuses to take the job. At first, he refused to leave his successful practice in Dallas. After relocating to a backwards little town in Illinois, Dr. Oliver is even more adamant in his refusal to move. Though Oliver is slated to oversee the creation of a world-class neurology facility, Lex is sure that an even greater reason for Dr. Oliver's continued refusal is his blossoming relationship with one Luke Snyder.

Snyder cannot be eliminated, for he is the son of Damian Grimaldi, and even the Luthor influence has its limits.

The only option left to Lex is to make Oliver disappear from Oakdale, from Luke, even from Oliver's very life.

ETA: Continued here.
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2010-10-07 04:14 pm
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except for organic produce deliveries, of course

I am having a bad mom day (a bad-mom day AND a bad mom-day, if that doesn't make the whole thing more confusing), and I am going to go chaperone a middle school social in about two hours, and I can't get rid of the tickle in my throat and I had a milkshake even though I know my stomach really can't tolerate them anymore.

But. Instead of thinking about all that, I am just throwing this out to you:

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2010-10-04 08:32 pm
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maybe this is all i have

You know what I hate? I'll tell you.

I hate getting all excited about writing (ohmigod, I'm writing again, haven't done it in so long and it feels so good), being absolutely possessed with an idea - wallowing in it, making notes, jotting down sentences/words/phrases and feeling so, so, so good about the acct of creating...

...and then coming down off that high. I wish I wasn't such a feedback whore - if nobody's going to read it, I lose all motivation to write.

Why can't I write for *me*? Why am *I* not a good enough reason, to me, to finish? Why don't I let myself have this?

It's normal to want to share the things we create, I suppose. I'd have no problem sharing this, either, if anyone was interested in reading fanfic about fanfic. It's not bad to want to share, to enjoy the process of sharing - but it feels bad to *need* that external validation in order to get off my ass and finish.

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2010-09-30 07:48 pm
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breathing with words

I haven't written anything, really, in more than a year -- probably closer to two.

In the past 2 or 3 days, I've been almost consumed by an idea (I can't call it a "plot bunny," for that's far too innocent a term). It's not original fic, and I'm not sure it counts as fanfic.

Is there a name for expanding on offscreen situations that happened in someone else's story? Because that's what keeps pouring out of my pen and fingers. It's bleak and dark and ugly and horrible and I love it.

I can't concentrate properly on anything else - I'm getting distracted from my RL - I have to carry a notebook everywhere in case another word or phrase or sentence comes to me - I have an annotated playlist for this thing.

It's almost certainly crap that will never see the light of day, but it feels so damn good to create.

It's wonderful.
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2010-09-17 02:15 pm
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there's a bad taste in my brain

I need Agent J or Agent K to come to my house and flashy-thing me, because I need a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT of ATWT erased from my long-term memory.

Ack. Now that canon is closed, there will be all sorts of fixing going on, right? Right??