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...and in the dream, I open up the book to check out the chapter titles, and I realise there are only nine of them.

Mmkay, dream-me thinks; so they're long chapters.

I give the chapter titles another look, and I realize they're in a totally different, non-HP-ish font.

All righty, dream-me thinks; perhaps this is symbolic of how Harry and co. are, um, growing up? (Because, as we all know, the first sign of adulthood is when you change your font. *eyeroll*)

Then I give the chapter titles an even closer look, and I realize my copy of the book isn't in English. Not only that, but the entire book is printed in gibberish - several hundred pages of random groupings of letters.

I really, really need for this book to come out. I fear my sanity requires it.

*pathetic sigh*
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Last night, I had a nightmare; I think it was about my husband. I woke up, shook it off, and went back to sleep.

And had another nightmare, this time about my mom. Woke, shook, slept (lather, rinse, repeat?) - this time, it was about the kids.

The next one involved my sister.

And then a couple of friends.

Et cetera.

Tonight, I settled into bed at 10 PM. Within ten minutes, my pulse was racing, I was sweating, I felt queasy, and my brain was working so fast I could hardly process the thoughts as I was having them. Worst of all were the horrible things that kept showing up in my mind, things I don't even want to call "things I thought," because I don't want to claim ownership of them in any way. Terrifying, grotesque things - leering faces whose lips slowly melt away as they scream in horror. Other horrible things I don't even want to write out.

I have to think this is just pent-up anxiety about the last few weeks working its way out of my head. It has to be - it has to be. I can't be going crazy; I don't have the time.

I feel calmer now. Still afraid to sleep, though. Kind of sad, as sleeping is one of my favorite activities...or it was, anyway.
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1. Well, okay. The whole of livejournal didn't blow up in my face like I was afraid it would, so that's all good.

2. The corner of my mouth is cracked and lo, it is very painful. The regular stuff I use (Aveeno lip stuff) isn't helping. Suggestions?

3. Scene in my kitchen earlier this morning -

BOYS: *gathered around counter*

ME: What are you doing?

OLDEST: Looking at the milk I spilled.

ME: Why are you looking at it and not wiping it up?

MIDDLE: We'll wipe it up, Mom. But first we wanted to decide what state it looked like.

(For those of you interested, the verdict was "Kentucky." It kind of did look Kentucky-ish, too.)

4. Dreamed about my grandmother last night. The dream has mostly faded, but I definitely remember her standing on top of a huge armoire type of thing in a hotel lobby. Oh, and she was wielding a machine gun.


Yeah. I dunno.


6. The kids are in the basement playing Jedi Academy. I can't tell you how that warms my heart.


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