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Oldest Child is working on his last project of the year, which is a paper bag speech. Each kid takes a paper grocery bag and labels/decorates each of its sides with "an important aspect of yourself." The examples were things like family and friends and education.

Oldest's four sides are as follows:

Label: Family
Decor: photos of various family members; a drawing of the family crest

Label: Travels
Decor: a few cut-outs of state shapes; photos from various vacations

Label: Art
Decor: samples of his drawings; photos of his origami and clay work

Label: Harry Potter
Decor: small copies of all 7 book covers; a photo of the medal he won in the library's Potter trivia contest; a photo of me and him at the bookstore the night DH was released.

Fannishness: Spanning Three Generations!
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*You know, I really have to cultivate some self-discipline if I'm going to keep to my goal of posting every day.

*It's eleven a.m., and I'm still in my jammies. Woot...?

*Nothing much going on today. Must call Fed Ex, again; they have two packages that were supposed to be here on June 18th and have not yet arrived. My patience, she grows thin.

*Ideally, the third LotR movie will be Netflixed to our own very mailbox today. The kids are getting antsy to see how the story ends. I have this odd feeling that they aren't going to be too thrilled with Frodo sailing off to Valhalla (or whatever, details, pfft) at the end.

*We went to the park earlier this week. Oldest wanted to play "Lord of the Rings" with his brother - he went on and on about how "I will be Gandalf, and Mom can be the Despair Lady, and (sister) can be Gollum (hee!), and you can be Frodo, and-"

And his brother cut him off, saying "I can't be Frodo."

Oldest was chagrined. "Why not?"

Middle looked at him as though he was addled. "Because there's no Sam. Frodo can't be Frodo without a Sam."

The best part? Oldest didn't even argue - just shrugged and agreed with him.

*sigh* The fanbabies, they are so wise....

If anyone wants to ask me questions, or play "Marry, Shag, Cliff" (or whatever that game is called), or pass along questions for me to ask the kids, or, you know, anything - that'd be great.
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1. The HP #7 nerves have officially set in. On each of the past two nights, I've had dreams about the upcoming book. I don't remember much about last night's - mostly, it was me trying to keep the Oldest Child away from a caffeinated beverage at the midnight release party - but the previous night's dream was a doozy.

I was standing alone in the middle of my local Barnes and Noble. It seemed to be open for business, yet nobody else was there. I had my brand, spanking new copy of Deathly Hallows (btw, do book titles get italicized or quotation-marked? I never can remember....) and started reading it, not even bothering to find myself a chair.

And it sucked. It sucked. Somehow, right off the bat I could tell that none of the plotlines got any resolution, plus, only the first half of the book was actually about Harry et al; the remainder was a long list from JKR of all the other books, plays, etcetera that had influenced her writing over the years.

Very unsatisfying, I must say. Happily, I think my actual experience with the book will be much better. *g*

2. After holding out for Lo These Many Years, I have finally seen the first two Lord of the Rings movies in their entirety. (The third one is making its way here even as we speak.)

The fanbabies and I are watching it together, which (much to my surprise) isn't irritating me at all. I told them going into it that they should feel free to ask any questions that they wanted to, and that I'd pause the movie to answer as best I could.

This was a boon to them, or so it would seem from their expressions; then again, I am the one who enacted the ABSOLUTELY NO TALKING DURING SMALLVILLE UNLESS YOU ARE ON FIRE AND EVEN THEN IT BETTER BE A BIG ONE rule, so perhaps it’s not so surprising.

Anyway. The first movie, which runs for three hours, took us nearly four to get through, what with all the questions. It was quite interesting to note what kinds of questions each of them asked. (For the record, the Oldest had the fewest questions, which were most often variations on ‘which character is that again?’ Middle’s questions were along the lines of “is he a bad guy or a good guy?” and “is that a computer special effect, or a filming trick?” Smallest, of course, just wanted to know “is this a scary part?”)

I think I’ll wait to give my opinion until I’ve seen the third film. I will say that I’m enjoying them far more than I expected to, which is a pleasant surprise. (I’ll also say that I’ve found yet another actor who does nothing for me in stills, but makes me slightly breathless whilst watching him in action: Viggo Mortenson. *swoon*)

3. In perusing my LJ profile today, I realized I have an odd number of communities friended, which bothers me. (I don’t know why. Yet another neuroses, I’m sure.) I’m not willing to dump any of them, so I need to add another comm: who wants to suggest one or two three?

*Come on: TENTACKLES. I know there's tentacle, ahem, fic out there - someone, somewhere, simply MUST have written RPS tentacle fic. Or, if I could just be honest here, RPS tentacle porn. Therefore, there must be at least one story extant that could rightfully be labeled "tentackles."
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I just updated my profile, if anyone is interested in taking a peek.

(Should I put in a picture of the dog?)

So. Not September yet, is it?
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Our local bookstore had a little party last night to celebrate the release in paperback of HBP. Of course I had to go (what, me miss a Potter event? Nevah!), and Oldest Child asked if he could come along.

Since the party was at six o'clock, and since I'd long promised that I'd take him to the next Potter-related bookstore gathering (assuming that it would be the book seven release party - granted, I'll still end up taking him to that as well), he and I made a Date Night of it.

I'd like to say it was a magnificent party with all sorts of fun activities, but if I did, I'd be fibbing. From random observations I made, it looks like the person in charge of the children's section is brand new at the job and just kind of cobbled together an event at the last minute. Not that it was bad, per se - there just wasn't much to it. Oldest was rather disappointed, though the excitement of purchasing his Very Own Copy of HBP mitigated his emotional distress. *g*

Anyhow, now both he and I have fresh new paperback copies of HBP. He's in the bathroom down the hall, and I can hear him reading the "good parts" to himself. ("Good Parts," to him, generally involve Quidditch games, Peeves, scatalogical humor, and/or Snape's dialogue.) Here's a sample for you, and I'll attempt to transcribe it with the inflections he's using:

"You think he is MISTAKEN? Or that I have somehow HOODWINKED him? Fooled the DARK LORD, the GREATEST WIZZZZZ-ARD, the MOST! ACCOMPLISHED! LEDGE-ILLY-MENS! the WOOOOOOOOOOORLD has evah SEEN??!?"

Never let it be said he lacks dramatic flair.

If I can get the camera to cooperate with me, I'll post the photo I took. Cuteness abounds, yo.
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The high point of the day was definitely when we set off the green-tinted firecrackers and the kids ran around yelling "AVADA KEDAVRA!" at the top of their voices.

Happy Independence Day!


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