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Middle Child (age 8, for those of you not keeping score at home) woke up early this morning, so he had some extra time on his hands before we had to leave for school.

He's usually pretty good about entertaining himself, so I thought nothing of it when he grabbed some paper and a pencil and scooted off to a corner to start writing.

He'd write something, look up from the paper, make a little "thinky-face," then write some more.

Once I got the other two kids ready, I made my way over to him. I kind of figured he was working on his Christmas Wish List, so I was hoping for ideas.

I take a peek over his shoulder, and see a list of names, like this:


"Okay," I says to myself. "Not his Christmas list, then..."

So I went ahead and asked him what the list was.

"Oh," he says, all casual non-chalance. "It's a list of all the girls at school who think I'm cute."


(Should I mention that more than half of them are older than he is - matter of fact, two of them are sixth-graders??)

ETA: So am I the only one who can see second-grader!Dean doing this same thing?)
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The Scene: Morning; I'm in the kitchen with the kids. They're finishing up breakfast, and I'm looking over their backpacks to make sure they've got everything.

Aaaaaaaaaaand - action!

ME: *holding up Oldest's new backpack* Hey, did you see this?

OLDEST: No, what is it?

ME: There's a whistle attached to one of the zippers!

OLDEST: Cool! Can I try it to see what it sounds like?

ME: Oooh, no, I don't think so. You're only supposed to use it if there's an emergency.

YOUNGEST: What's a 'mergitsy?

ME: 'E - mer - gen - ceeee.' Like if something bad happens.

YOUNGEST: Oh! If [Oldest] falls down, he should blow the whistle?

ME: Well, that's not really the kind of emergency I mean. He could whistle if, say, a bad person tried to kidnap him.

MIDDLE: *to Oldest* Why would anyone try to kidnap you?

OLDEST: *scoffs* Because I'm awesome, maybe?

Aaaaaaaaaaand - cut!
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*You know, I really have to cultivate some self-discipline if I'm going to keep to my goal of posting every day.

*It's eleven a.m., and I'm still in my jammies. Woot...?

*Nothing much going on today. Must call Fed Ex, again; they have two packages that were supposed to be here on June 18th and have not yet arrived. My patience, she grows thin.

*Ideally, the third LotR movie will be Netflixed to our own very mailbox today. The kids are getting antsy to see how the story ends. I have this odd feeling that they aren't going to be too thrilled with Frodo sailing off to Valhalla (or whatever, details, pfft) at the end.

*We went to the park earlier this week. Oldest wanted to play "Lord of the Rings" with his brother - he went on and on about how "I will be Gandalf, and Mom can be the Despair Lady, and (sister) can be Gollum (hee!), and you can be Frodo, and-"

And his brother cut him off, saying "I can't be Frodo."

Oldest was chagrined. "Why not?"

Middle looked at him as though he was addled. "Because there's no Sam. Frodo can't be Frodo without a Sam."

The best part? Oldest didn't even argue - just shrugged and agreed with him.

*sigh* The fanbabies, they are so wise....

If anyone wants to ask me questions, or play "Marry, Shag, Cliff" (or whatever that game is called), or pass along questions for me to ask the kids, or, you know, anything - that'd be great.
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1. I feel like I've forgotten how to LJ. I mean, I have like a gazillion ideas for long, thoughtful posts, but when I try to type them up, it's like they just...*pffft*. Y'know?

2. Head colds suck.

3. Courtesy of Middle Child, I give you the Quote of the Day:

Noodles are like a cuddle for my tummy.

4. Supernatural owns me SO HUGE. There's so much to love, and so much to read, and so much to watch, and. And, and, and. Guh. *flails*

5. My fingers are cold.

6. Crackfic idea my brain WILL NOT DROP: Dean Winchester/Luna Lovegood. What?! It could work!

7. I gave up chocolate for Lent, and lo, it is KEELING ME DED. Why's that, you ask? Well! Let me tell you what DOES NOT HELP: The big old hunk of (homemade!) chocolate cake covered in (homemade!) chocolate frosting that my mom made and brought over for my birthday, because grr, my stupid birthday fell during Lent, AGAIN, and how was she supposed to know what I gave up for Lent since I don't talk about it, but anyway - said CHOCOLATELY-CHOCOLATE CAKE is sitting ALONE and UNATTENDED in my kitchen right now - UNSUPERVISED, I'm telling you - and I'm just NOT THAT STRONG, people.

8. I kind of want to write again. Thinking about drabbling in the near future.

9. Seriously - there was a time when I was marginally entertaining in this medium. WTF happened?

10. Jensen Ackles is the hottest thing in forever, The End.
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Some hodgepodge, both fandom and otherwise, that’s accumulated in my brain.

1. HP: Not that I've written in, oh...forever, but I've got a bunny. Have a seat, I'll tell you about it.

It'd be a happy little gen piece featuring post-book 7!successfully-defeated-Voldemort!Harry. He pops around to talk with also-survived-Voldemort-and-is-now-happily-married-to-Tonks!Remus, because he needs advice on proposing to Ginny.

You see, our poor Harry can’t ask any of the numerous male Weasleys - you (and he!) know full well that at some point, the story of “when Harry needed advice on women” would come up around the Christmas tree. He won’t ask Hermione, either, because this is a guy thing, darn it -- not that he’s usually like that! Of course not! -- but for some reason he would be like that about marriage stuff. Not that he could talk to Hermione about this anyway, as she and Ginny are so close now, and one has to suspect that said information would get back to the potential bride to be.

Harry would be tentative, and though Remus would have a fairly good idea of what the poor boy wanted to talk about, he wouldn’t want to push. Tonks would wander into the kitchen, which would, sadly, stifle Harry’s conversational skills even more. Now, Tonks isn't the socially inept ninny so many authors insist on portraying her as, so she’d make up a completely scurrilous excuse about having to leave the house RIGHT NOW on some ridiculous errand. Isn't she sweet?

Anyway. At this point, Remus would realize that certain people - ahem - are simply more comfortable conversing if they don't have to look someone in the eye. Remus mentions a little pub down the way where they could shoot some darts (and can’t you just see the two of them playing darts?) until Harry finally gets around to asking Remus about marriage in the wizarding world. Sure, Harry had been to the one wedding, but he’s wondering if there are any traditions he’s unaware of regarding the actual proposing of marriage - see, he loves Ginny, and he very much wants to do right by her and her family. And yes, he knows full well they’d excuse any faux pas he might make, but the point is he wants this to come off perfectly. Just this one thing, just this one time, mind you.

I've wanted to read that story for the longest time. *sigh* I suppose I'll have to try to write it someday....

2. SV: I don’t read spoilers – I try to avoid them, for the most part *glances furtively at [livejournal.com profile] celes720* – but I’m here to throw down about this week’s episode, for which I am pretty much unspoiled.

The commercials are making it look like Ha! I bet you thought I'd forget to cut this for those of you who are spoiler averse! )This way, if I am correct, I can be all smug and self-satisfied, gloating to one and all that “I totally called that one!”

If, however, by some freak accident of scriptwriting, I am incorrect? Well then...*whistles* What? Predictions? I never make those.

3. random: We’ve all heard the phrase “a thing of beauty,”

i.e., “Tom Welling is, truly, a thing of beauty.”

Why, I ask you, is there no like phrase for the opposite end of the spectrum – say, for example, if your across-the-street neighbor decides to display his newly completed papier-mâché bust of Elvis on his front lawn. Is there no provision in our language to tell your friends that each time you leave the house, you are forced to behold “a thing of ugly”?

4. children: Decided to transcribe the 4 yr old’s version of the “our Father” tonight, to keep it for posterity. It goes like this:

Our Fadder
Who arf in heaven
Hall-uld be die name.
Vy kindom come
Vy willby done
On earf as dizzen heaven.
Give us dis day-hour
Daily bread
And furgib us are trefpath
As we *pause to inhale so nobody notices she doesn’t know the words* ‘gainst us
And lead us not to ‘tashun
But delibber us from ebil.

Heh. Ebil. *is amused*

5. HP: was thinking about Remus tonight (not that I spend an inordinate amount of mental hours dwelling on the fates of various characters in the Potterverse, mind you!) when this occurred to me: fandom being what it is, the likelihood of Remus/Wolverine fiction existing somewhere in cyberspace is quite likely, isn’t it.

Pardon me whilst I shudder.

6. In closing, I have recently realized that, as of next month, seventeen years will have passed since I was seventeen years old. I really liked being seventeen, for the most part. I’m not sure how that has any bearing on…anything, really. Just had to put it out there.
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1. Well, okay. The whole of livejournal didn't blow up in my face like I was afraid it would, so that's all good.

2. The corner of my mouth is cracked and lo, it is very painful. The regular stuff I use (Aveeno lip stuff) isn't helping. Suggestions?

3. Scene in my kitchen earlier this morning -

BOYS: *gathered around counter*

ME: What are you doing?

OLDEST: Looking at the milk I spilled.

ME: Why are you looking at it and not wiping it up?

MIDDLE: We'll wipe it up, Mom. But first we wanted to decide what state it looked like.

(For those of you interested, the verdict was "Kentucky." It kind of did look Kentucky-ish, too.)

4. Dreamed about my grandmother last night. The dream has mostly faded, but I definitely remember her standing on top of a huge armoire type of thing in a hotel lobby. Oh, and she was wielding a machine gun.


Yeah. I dunno.


6. The kids are in the basement playing Jedi Academy. I can't tell you how that warms my heart.
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3 yr old: I want a snack.

Me: I'm going to make dinner as soon as we get in the house.

3 yo: But I want a snack!!

Me: I know that you're hungry, sweetie. We're going to eat dinner very soon.

3 yo: I don't want dinner, I want a SNACK!!!

Me: [child], don't yell at me. It's disrespectful.

3 yo: (quasi-tantrummish screeching) I waaaaaaaant a snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Me: Young lady, you will stop that yelling right now. I am not going to put up with your smart mouth, so knock it off.

3 yo: (crying for real) Mommy, why you say I not smart girl?

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"Take your library card out of your underpants."

ahhh, children.


Aug. 4th, 2005 10:01 pm
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Today's quote provided by the five-year-old, who had this to say as he and I attempted to replace the batteries in one of his (noisy and irritating) games:

Oooh, can I do the screwing?

*insert tasteless joke regarding "typical man" here*


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