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What are the five most heartbreaking things that have ever happened in your fandom(s)?

~ from [livejournal.com profile] fannish_5

In no particular order, and right off the top of my head:

1. The Sentinel: Blair. Fountain. "Don't you go!" *is broken*

2. Smallville: Lex's memories of how baby Julian really died - the end music ("My Immortal," by Evanescence), playing behind Clark's conversation w/Martha, was the killer for me.

3. Harry Potter (books): Fred's death in "DH." There were many moments in the series that made me cry, but that one hit me hardest emotionally. Odd, I know.

4. HP (movies): I have as many (if not more!) problems with the films as anyone, but Amos Diggory's reaction to Cedric's death always - always - brings me to tears. The wracking kind.

5. Supernatural: The closing moments of AHBL part one, and Dean's monologue to Sam at the beginning of part 2. Wrecks me, every time.

ETA: Ooh! Can't leave this out -

6. Revenge of the Sith: Everything after Anakin pledges fealty to Palpatine. I sobbed my way through the last, say, half-hour of that movie. It really did break my heart.

Lord. Now I feel all bummed out!
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So I was flipping through the channels last night, and I think...I think I saw...

...Captain Kirk getting married to movie!Daniel Jackson? And then they both kissed Murphy Brown.

*blinks* I. It's. Possibly I'm missing something, here....
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In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you right now that you are headed into a post littered with the rampant abuse of capital letters. Just so you know.

Okay then! Right to the point: I have found myself some new boys. (Not to say that I am in any way, shape, or form less enthusiastic about SPN, or Dean or Sam or Dean or Jensen or Dean or Jared or Dean (Jensen’s Dean, I mean, not Jared’s Dean. Although there is some pretty hot Dean/Jared - well, really, it’s Dean!Jensen/Jared, kind of a role-playing thing, and yeah. I digress.))

Anyway. I’ve been online more than usual this week, what with the kids being sick and the husband being gone, which led to me cruising around friendsfriends and stumbling across all sorts of stuff I normally wouldn’t.

I noticed several posts about this new storyline on As the World Turns (yes, the soap opera, DO NOT JUDGE ME) that was groundbreaking and hot and well-acted. I probably would’ve scrolled right past them, too, were it not for the wonderful, horrible crack dealers who embed video right into their LJ’s, making it well nigh impossible to keep from clicking on them!

Like this!

[Error: unknown template video]


The blond one is Luke and the dark-haired one is Noah (THERE WILL BE NO COMMENTS MADE ABOUT THAT NAME, AM I CLEAR, FLISTERS??) and they are ADORABLE and so SWEETLY SHY and HESITANT and NEWLY-IN-LOVE and UNSURE and if they were hitting any more of my kinks, I'm not sure I would SURVIVE.

SO. Now that you know of my secret shame, let me tell you EVEN MORE ABOUT IT.

The whole Nuke (get it? Noah/Luke? They have their own ABBREVIATION, so clearly it is LOVE) storyline - parts 1 through 92 - is up on YouTube - conveniently linked here - and I watched parts one through five on Tuesday night, and then last night I watched ALL THE REST OF THEM, which yes, for those of you doing the math, means that I stayed up until TWO THIRTY IN THE MORNING watching a SOAP OPERA (well, really, just certain clips from a soap.) (Because that makes it SO MUCH LESS LAME, do you like how I am JUSTIFYING my INSANITY?) and then once I was all caught up I went and found a Luke/Noah LJ community and not only did I immediately JOIN IT, I went back and read ALL OF THE FIC that's been posted on it.


I think I am officially BEYOND the point of help in this matter.

So, um, yis. This is my life right now: Supernatural, J2, and Nuke. I think I may be DYING a little bit inside, because do you know what this MEANS? I will TELL YOU: it means I am a STAY-AT-HOME MOTHER who is ADDICTED to a SOAP OPERA. (And, also, a show about incredibly hot demon-hunting brothers who are NOT gay for each other, though the actors who play them probably aren't not that it keeps me from reading RPS about them and thereby heading right for the SPECIAL HELL.)

I'm sure you're all SO VERY GLAD that I shared with you. If you'll excuse me, I have to go icon shopping now.


Two words: BEYOND HELP. So don't bother sending any.
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(Which, first of all, how do they get off calling the show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” when the first thing you see is the little message on the bottom of the screen RECORDED EARLIER? I’m just sayin.)

The exciting lead-up to my viewage of the show )

And Jensen is finally on! )

Okay; now I’m really done. That’s my recap, for what it’s worth; now I’m gonna go read what everyone else thought (because surely I am not the only one who watched him.)

(Was I?)


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