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Oldest Child is working on his last project of the year, which is a paper bag speech. Each kid takes a paper grocery bag and labels/decorates each of its sides with "an important aspect of yourself." The examples were things like family and friends and education.

Oldest's four sides are as follows:

Label: Family
Decor: photos of various family members; a drawing of the family crest

Label: Travels
Decor: a few cut-outs of state shapes; photos from various vacations

Label: Art
Decor: samples of his drawings; photos of his origami and clay work

Label: Harry Potter
Decor: small copies of all 7 book covers; a photo of the medal he won in the library's Potter trivia contest; a photo of me and him at the bookstore the night DH was released.

Fannishness: Spanning Three Generations!
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I came to the perhaps-shouldn't-have-been-quite-so-surprising realization today that my primary fandom is now "my kids and their school."

Who'da thunk it?

In related news, I need a happy!mom sort of icon.
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Middle Child (age 8, for those of you not keeping score at home) woke up early this morning, so he had some extra time on his hands before we had to leave for school.

He's usually pretty good about entertaining himself, so I thought nothing of it when he grabbed some paper and a pencil and scooted off to a corner to start writing.

He'd write something, look up from the paper, make a little "thinky-face," then write some more.

Once I got the other two kids ready, I made my way over to him. I kind of figured he was working on his Christmas Wish List, so I was hoping for ideas.

I take a peek over his shoulder, and see a list of names, like this:


"Okay," I says to myself. "Not his Christmas list, then..."

So I went ahead and asked him what the list was.

"Oh," he says, all casual non-chalance. "It's a list of all the girls at school who think I'm cute."


(Should I mention that more than half of them are older than he is - matter of fact, two of them are sixth-graders??)

ETA: So am I the only one who can see second-grader!Dean doing this same thing?)
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Yeah, so, a little trouble with the connectivity earlier this week. Hmph.

Item the first: boring financial stuff. )

Item the second: not only did I miss Smallville’s season premiere on Thursday night – I didn’t even care about it. Really, the only thing I actually missed was talking to my girls during the commercials. [Which I would’ve done, had I
a) not been at a fundraiser;
2) remembered it was Thursday;
and/or D) received your voicemail prior to,oh, about an hour ago. Pfft.]

It’s kind of amazing to me when I remember a few years ago, how SV was, like, the Huge Fannish Love of My Life*, and now I’m not only not watching it, I’m not even trolling around online so that I can catch up with what happened. (Though I do gather that rumors of Spoilery! ) were greatly exaggerated, to which I have to say: wow. Could I be less surprised? *thinks* Nope; not really.)

Item the third: Mom and I joined an exercise program. Yay, us. Not that y'all really care, but I do have to mention this one teeny fact – on the information sheet we had to fill out before joining, the very last question was along the lines of “give two reasons you want to get into better shape.”

I don’t remember what I ACTUALLY wrote down, but I do know that my immediate impulse was to write down Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Now you tell me – is that so wrong?

Erm. Maybe?

Item the fourth: I tend to jot down stuff in a variety of notebooks that end up scattered all over everywhere. Just found one that must’ve been stuck somewhere for a couple of months, ‘cause it has a bunch of ideas and such that were obviously sparked by AHBL ½, at the end of last season.

Here are a few:

- is a soul a “good” or a “service”? a piece of property? a state of being?

-in general, who is the legal owner of a soul? Who owns Dean’s soul right now?

- does the demon have the right and/or authority to purchase and/or barter for souls? For that matter, does Dean?

- what are the exact terms of the deal Dean made?

-what can invalidate a verbal contract of the type Dean made with the demon?

-what law, if any, is the contract subject to? Is there any higher authority that can be consulted if any part of the deal is in question?

Which reminds me, I would really love to read a story wherein the demon comes to collect and can’t (I know, you’re thinking there are a hundred of those already!) – except the reason the demon can’t take possession of Dean's soul is because it legally belongs to the Impala. *smiles*

Back to your weekends, people!


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