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Why yes, this idea did, in fact, come to me in the form of a synopsis from a tawdry novel or a Lifetime movie of the week. Deal with it.

Lex Luthor will never die.

He has worked for years to attain this goal. Secreted away in the fields of Kansas is the solution to his own personal immortality. Level 33.1 is a lab dedicated to human cloning. The world's finest scientific minds have worked tirelessly to create multiple Lex Luthors.

There is one problem. Though the clones are physically identical to Lex, after a time, each and every one of them deteriorates mentally and becomes unstable.

Brilliant as he is, the scope of this problem is beyond Lex's ability. There is only one person gifted enough to solve his problem – neurosurgeon Dr. Reid Oliver.

But Dr. Oliver refuses to take the job. At first, he refused to leave his successful practice in Dallas. After relocating to a backwards little town in Illinois, Dr. Oliver is even more adamant in his refusal to move. Though Oliver is slated to oversee the creation of a world-class neurology facility, Lex is sure that an even greater reason for Dr. Oliver's continued refusal is his blossoming relationship with one Luke Snyder.

Snyder cannot be eliminated, for he is the son of Damian Grimaldi, and even the Luthor influence has its limits.

The only option left to Lex is to make Oliver disappear from Oakdale, from Luke, even from Oliver's very life.

ETA: Continued here.
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I am having a bad mom day (a bad-mom day AND a bad mom-day, if that doesn't make the whole thing more confusing), and I am going to go chaperone a middle school social in about two hours, and I can't get rid of the tickle in my throat and I had a milkshake even though I know my stomach really can't tolerate them anymore.

But. Instead of thinking about all that, I am just throwing this out to you:



Jul. 31st, 2009 08:23 am
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What are the five most heartbreaking things that have ever happened in your fandom(s)?

~ from [livejournal.com profile] fannish_5

In no particular order, and right off the top of my head:

1. The Sentinel: Blair. Fountain. "Don't you go!" *is broken*

2. Smallville: Lex's memories of how baby Julian really died - the end music ("My Immortal," by Evanescence), playing behind Clark's conversation w/Martha, was the killer for me.

3. Harry Potter (books): Fred's death in "DH." There were many moments in the series that made me cry, but that one hit me hardest emotionally. Odd, I know.

4. HP (movies): I have as many (if not more!) problems with the films as anyone, but Amos Diggory's reaction to Cedric's death always - always - brings me to tears. The wracking kind.

5. Supernatural: The closing moments of AHBL part one, and Dean's monologue to Sam at the beginning of part 2. Wrecks me, every time.

ETA: Ooh! Can't leave this out -

6. Revenge of the Sith: Everything after Anakin pledges fealty to Palpatine. I sobbed my way through the last, say, half-hour of that movie. It really did break my heart.

Lord. Now I feel all bummed out!

so, um...

Oct. 18th, 2007 07:14 pm
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When did Edgar Allen Poe start writing for Smallville?
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Our Chloe? )

So now all I need to concern myself with is brain bleach for the Mionel. Yecch.


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