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Does God care about religion?
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I'm pretty much unspoiled for the finale in that all I've seen is the preview that aired at the end of last week's ep. (It is getting pretty freaking hard to resist looking at the preview clips/director's cuts/whatever they are, though.)

These are my thoughts, in no particular order:

1. I have this horrible, sinking feeling that the very last shot of the very last scene in this very last S3 episode is going to be one of a very dead Dean. *cries*

2. Reaction to Bela and her spoiler? ) aside, I think her storyline was there to make a point: well, if the above word is a spoiler, the rest of this is as well )

3. Within reason, now, what would you say the options are for how this season ends? We've got several categories to work with -

a. Dean: alive or dead? in Hell or in some sort of Limbo? still Dean or something Other?
b. Sam: alive or dead? evil or not? simply human or something more?

What else am I missing, y'all? (And why didn't I make this a poll, dangit? I LOVE polls!)

4. It's a good thing I'm not all nervous and anxious and worried about the finale. Nope, not me. *fidgets*
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[Poll #1101204]
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"Five (Things/Times/Etc.) (Someone/s) (Did/Didn't) (Verb)."

C'mon. You know what I mean...don't you?
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I think I maybe, possibly, perhaps, have a plot laid out for the sequel to Like Father, Like Sons (a/k/a "the one where all the Winchesters switch bodies, and Sammy gets 'the talk' from himself.")

It's been percolating up here *points to brain* for months now - I kind of have to wonder what set it loose, but I'm not going to fret over it too much.

The first line, if you're interested. )

Mind you, I am just mercenary and heartless enough to note that I tend to be more productive if I know someone's interested in reading the final product.....
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Okay.  So.  I have no idea where all my motivation for this Luke/Noah fic went; I have pages and pages (and pages!) of summaries and outlines and even several scenes written, but the show isn’t going the direction I thought it would, and evidently I’m allergic to AUs.  Who knew?

The premise here is that Noah is living out at the farm with Luke and Holden and whoever the heck else lives out there.  There have been issues with the physical part of their relationship – they’ve both been holding back, for a variety of reasons – but on the night before this scene, there was a little bit of action.  It was good for Noah, and ended up good for Luke, too, who moved his leg for the first time.  Unfortunately, most of the family walked in on them while they were still glowing, rumpled, and sweaty.  (But clothed!  Mostly.)

Noah’s been at work/school all day, and is just getting back to the farm.  Oh!  Also, Lily and Holden are working at patching up their own relationship. 

Untitled snippet of about 1800 words )


Talk to me; what do you think?  Is it worth working on?  Too cracked?  Do you need to see another scene to decide?  *sigh*  Yeah, hello, insecure.  Welcome to my world.


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