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Why yes, this idea did, in fact, come to me in the form of a synopsis from a tawdry novel or a Lifetime movie of the week. Deal with it.

Lex Luthor will never die.

He has worked for years to attain this goal. Secreted away in the fields of Kansas is the solution to his own personal immortality. Level 33.1 is a lab dedicated to human cloning. The world's finest scientific minds have worked tirelessly to create multiple Lex Luthors.

There is one problem. Though the clones are physically identical to Lex, after a time, each and every one of them deteriorates mentally and becomes unstable.

Brilliant as he is, the scope of this problem is beyond Lex's ability. There is only one person gifted enough to solve his problem – neurosurgeon Dr. Reid Oliver.

But Dr. Oliver refuses to take the job. At first, he refused to leave his successful practice in Dallas. After relocating to a backwards little town in Illinois, Dr. Oliver is even more adamant in his refusal to move. Though Oliver is slated to oversee the creation of a world-class neurology facility, Lex is sure that an even greater reason for Dr. Oliver's continued refusal is his blossoming relationship with one Luke Snyder.

Snyder cannot be eliminated, for he is the son of Damian Grimaldi, and even the Luthor influence has its limits.

The only option left to Lex is to make Oliver disappear from Oakdale, from Luke, even from Oliver's very life.

ETA: Continued here.
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You know what I hate? I'll tell you.

I hate getting all excited about writing (ohmigod, I'm writing again, haven't done it in so long and it feels so good), being absolutely possessed with an idea - wallowing in it, making notes, jotting down sentences/words/phrases and feeling so, so, so good about the acct of creating...

...and then coming down off that high. I wish I wasn't such a feedback whore - if nobody's going to read it, I lose all motivation to write.

Why can't I write for *me*? Why am *I* not a good enough reason, to me, to finish? Why don't I let myself have this?

It's normal to want to share the things we create, I suppose. I'd have no problem sharing this, either, if anyone was interested in reading fanfic about fanfic. It's not bad to want to share, to enjoy the process of sharing - but it feels bad to *need* that external validation in order to get off my ass and finish.

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I haven't written anything, really, in more than a year -- probably closer to two.

In the past 2 or 3 days, I've been almost consumed by an idea (I can't call it a "plot bunny," for that's far too innocent a term). It's not original fic, and I'm not sure it counts as fanfic.

Is there a name for expanding on offscreen situations that happened in someone else's story? Because that's what keeps pouring out of my pen and fingers. It's bleak and dark and ugly and horrible and I love it.

I can't concentrate properly on anything else - I'm getting distracted from my RL - I have to carry a notebook everywhere in case another word or phrase or sentence comes to me - I have an annotated playlist for this thing.

It's almost certainly crap that will never see the light of day, but it feels so damn good to create.

It's wonderful.
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Anybody know what kind of handguns the boys carry? For example, what were they using that one time )

I checked the Super-Wiki and couldn't find anything; I appreciate the help, y'all.

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lengthy and obscure! whee fun! )

Srsly - this kind of stuff fascinates me. This is one of those times I'm so in love with fandom, because I know there are plenty of other people out there who are going to take stuff like this, run with it, and we're all going to end up with some truly amazing fic.

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You know, I could be writing right now...I have a story plotted out, and I think I finally have a handle on how I'm gonna tell it.

And yet here I am, reorganizing my iTunes playlists and wandering through my memories section.

Clearly, I fail at being motivated.
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"Five (Things/Times/Etc.) (Someone/s) (Did/Didn't) (Verb)."

C'mon. You know what I mean...don't you?
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1. Okay, so I understand why, when I Google "Jensen Ackles," I get "Jared Padalecki" listed as a related search. But why do I also get "Wentworth Miller"?

2. I have officially eaten pizza for three of my last four meals. Clearly, I fail at being an adult.

3. Is it wrong that my sole purpose for going shopping today is to procure frames in which to ensconce all my photos (INCLUDING THE SIGNED ONE) of Jensen and Jared from last weekend?

4. Maybe later on I'll post a list of all those Sandman-related ideas I was talking about yesterday. It's probably a good idea to have them all in one place.

5. Holy crap, I need to think about hauling that turkey (a/k/a "Birdzilla") out of the freezer pretty soon.

6. I'm feeling the itch to write something. Hmm. *thinky face* Perhaps post-bedtime.
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11047 / 50000 words. 22% done!

I hate my nano story so much right now, there aren't even words.

Okay, I take it back. I don't hate it, because "hate" implies emotion, which is what I lack in regards to this story. I don't care about it, I don't care what happens - I don't know what happens - and I kind of want to junk all eleven thousand words of the damn thing.

But I tell myself that the point wasn't to write something GOOD, it was just to write every day; that I'm cultivating good writing habits; that all the bunnies that keep coming out of the woodwork in my brain - you know, the ones for interesting stories - are a good thing, and that someday I'll be able to write them.

Most of all, I tell myself that I've given up on just about every single difficult thing I've ever been faced with, and that I refuse to let myself give up on this.

It would, however, help if my mother would stop asking me if I'm planning to get "my book" published once I'm done writing it. NO, MOM, I AM NOT. IF I CAN MANAGE TO READ THROUGH THE ENTIRE THING EVEN ONCE WITHOUT DEVELOPING A SPONTANEOUS ANEURYSM, IT'LL BE A MIRACLE.
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I think I maybe, possibly, perhaps, have a plot laid out for the sequel to Like Father, Like Sons (a/k/a "the one where all the Winchesters switch bodies, and Sammy gets 'the talk' from himself.")

It's been percolating up here *points to brain* for months now - I kind of have to wonder what set it loose, but I'm not going to fret over it too much.

The first line, if you're interested. )

Mind you, I am just mercenary and heartless enough to note that I tend to be more productive if I know someone's interested in reading the final product.....
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Okay.  So.  I have no idea where all my motivation for this Luke/Noah fic went; I have pages and pages (and pages!) of summaries and outlines and even several scenes written, but the show isn’t going the direction I thought it would, and evidently I’m allergic to AUs.  Who knew?

The premise here is that Noah is living out at the farm with Luke and Holden and whoever the heck else lives out there.  There have been issues with the physical part of their relationship – they’ve both been holding back, for a variety of reasons – but on the night before this scene, there was a little bit of action.  It was good for Noah, and ended up good for Luke, too, who moved his leg for the first time.  Unfortunately, most of the family walked in on them while they were still glowing, rumpled, and sweaty.  (But clothed!  Mostly.)

Noah’s been at work/school all day, and is just getting back to the farm.  Oh!  Also, Lily and Holden are working at patching up their own relationship. 

Untitled snippet of about 1800 words )


Talk to me; what do you think?  Is it worth working on?  Too cracked?  Do you need to see another scene to decide?  *sigh*  Yeah, hello, insecure.  Welcome to my world.
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For a short, short, teeny wee ficlet; <700 words.

[whispering]Familiarity with ATWT, specifically the Luke/Noah/Maddie storyline, particularly helpful.[/whispering]

Comment or email (jenowago AT gmail DOT com).
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Never a truer quote have I heard. Sat down to write tonight, and this is what I got:

Read more... )

Which, to me at least, reads like it's going to be, you know, comedic - but then the next nine paragraphs get increasingly depressing, and all of a sudden I realize I'm in the midst of a full-blown angst fest.

*shakes head wearily* How the heck did Sam Winchester set up residence in my brain, what with all his emo-faced baggage?
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Earlier this week, I went to the library and checked out seven or eight books on writing: things like “20 Master Plots and How To Write Them” and “Elements of Fiction Writing: Plot” and “The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing” and so on and damn, but all of them scare the ever-loving crap out of me.

I like to write; really, I do. it’s just the thought of writing a novel is so. Damned. Overwhelming, I can hardly stand it.

I think I’m an okay writer; my stories definitely improve with the help of a beta, but I know very few people for which that isn’t the case. It’s just, with one exception, everything I’ve written has been short – and the sole long piece was a co-write.

Not that there’s anything wrong with short fiction, a lesson I finally learned and internalized not too long ago, thank you Rhi. But the whole point of this nano thing is writing something that's, well, novel-length, isn’t it?

And then I read from the final book in my Large and Intimidating Stack of Books That Tell Me How To Write. It’s called “the pocket muse/endless inspiration/new ideas for writing.” I think this is the book that might end up being most useful to me, because in it, the author basically says “if you’re supposed to be a novelist, great. But if you’re supposed to be a poet, or a short story writer, or a songwriter, then those things are what you ought to write – don’t try to force yourself to write a novel because you think you 'should.' Do it because you want to.”

Well. With that being said, I don’t think I want to write a novel. I still love the idea of NaNo – committing to writing a certain number of words each day sounds like a great idea, and it’s exactly the kind of challenge I thrive on – but nothing says the words I write have to all go together as a part of one great big cohesive story. There aren’t hard and fast rules; I want to write, I like to write, so as of November 1st, that’s what I’m going to do: write.

I may end up with thirty short stories. I might end up with one long novel. I might end up with ten medium-length stories, or one longish story and several shorter ones, or five hundred drabbles. Hell, I might end up with a month’s worth of embarrassing crap.

But I’ll have written something - and that, I think, is the goal I need to shoot for.
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And here I thought I wouldn't have time to write today. Hunh.

title: and then there was one
author: [livejournal.com profile] ella_menno
fandom: Supernatural
rating: Teen
length: 771
spoilers: Coda for 3.01
pairings/characters: Sam, Dean, some OC's
notes: I was thinking about a story I wanted to read, and I decided to write it, instead. Comments, including concrit, are always welcome.

and then there was one )

Feedback is adored.
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quote in subject line attributed to Alfred Adler

I'm in a mood (A Mood, if you know what I mean), and I don't feel like talking, but here I am, posting anyway.

Weird, eh?

Everyone's gradually settling into the routine of school - I'm including myself in that count. Still having ups and downs, all of us, but that's part and parcel of this gig called life, isn't it.

I read a story the other day. No surprises there, right? But it got me thinking about a few things.

It was Wincest, which I normally avoid like the plague don't read, but I made an exception because I really, really enjoy this author's work in other fandoms. This story was really good, too - good banter/dialogue, a couple of parts where I laughed, another couple where I got misty-eyed, and there were even a few OC's I grew quite fond of.

But. (You knew there had to be a 'but,' didn't you? *g*)

On slash, and sex, and Wincest, and The Point Of It All. )

Anyway. I'm getting tl;dr here (man, have I been waiting forever to use that abbreviation!), but my point is that I don't go for the happy!shiny!Wincest, and I don't understand why people take what could've been a fantastic gen story and shove sex scenes into it when they serve no purpose at all to the plot of the thing.


There's this story idea I've been rolling around in my head for a while now that I finally started putting on paper today. I'm kind of pleased with how it's going, which more than likely means it'll never see the light of day. *sigh*

It is nice to be writing again, though. It's one of those things I promised myself I'd do more of once the kids were in school. Yay for follow-through, I guess.
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Don't you hate it when you can't decide how to start your post?

As of late, I've been thinking of trying to write one of those "Five Times" stories. It'd be SPN, obviously, and it'd be gen (because I'm, um, pretty sure I'm not doing any other genres in this fandom).

But there's a part of me - the goofy? irresponsible? contrary? part - that wants to give it a title that makes it sound like it's going to be very, very 'naughty.' Like, for example, "Five Times the Brothers Winchester Got Into Each Other's Pants."

Or, "Five Times Sam and Dean Slept Together."

Or, "Five Times Dean Told Sam How to Use His Tongue."

So. Is that just me being, you know, me? Or does it sound like something y'all might want to maybe read?
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Yo, homies. 'Sup? [/urban slang that's probably out-of-date]

*looks around* How long has it been since I've posted? A week or so? Hmph. I ought to get better at that.

I wish I had exciting news to share, or a good story to tell, but alas, I do not.

I think I'ma try to drabble again tonight. Give me a character and/or a pairing, and...*thinky face*...a movie title. Yes, that'll do.

ETA rec: [livejournal.com profile] dolimir_k has written an absolutely gorgeous story called "Where The Breeze Ends." If, like me, you loved the character Sarah Blake (from S1's 'Provenance'), you don't want to pass this one up. It's written in 2nd person, and while that can be tricky to pull off, this is a case where it works, and works well. It feels much bigger than the 2400 words it actually is, and has definitely earned a place in my heart.

I'm certainly not doing the story justice, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone, and I fear a more detailed review might do so. Just...go read it. Really.

Where The Breeze Ends


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